[ the method + classes ]


the project barre method combines the best of ballet, pilates and yoga to sculpt + lengthen with grace. you’ll hear your instructor tell you to take the move "down an inch" and we mean just that! we focus on teeny tiny one-inch isometric movements to strengthen the muscle, and then add in those full extensions to let bring that length and amp up that heart rate!

our classes are set to some serious tunes. when you're deep in that plié that's when the beat drops and it powers you to finish that final 8 count hold with every ounce of fierce. the project barre method is low-impact and safe for those with previous injuries and even during pregnancy. instructors will offer modifications to help you safely practise! the project barre method really is the perfect workout, regardless of your age or fitness experience. and don’t worry- no dancing experience or flexibility is required!


PROJECT SIGNATURE:  our original barre class. the one that started it all! 60 minutes of signature moves designed to bring that strength, increase that flexibility, and sculpt your entire body one inch at a time! this class is the perfect starting point for new clients, and will quickly become one of your faves! watch for special themed classes, like 306FRIDAYS [our tribute to old-school gangster rap!] and Flavour of the Week [bartender's choice theme playlist].

PROJECT EXPRESS: a 45 minute variation of our signature class with a little cardio spin! get your heart rate up while you plié + pulse your way to strength, length and grace. 

THE A PROJECT: 60 whole minutes dedicated to those Abs + that booty, that seat.. that A.  we're really all about the bass, no treble. 

PROJECT FORM: the perfect starting point for those learning to work around an injury, new to fitness, or wanting to pregnant! classes are kept small to ensure plenty of 1-on-1 instructor attention. 

PROJECT HIP/HOP: our hip-shaking, rib-isolating, calorie-burning class! no dance experience is required. we're here to have fun [no judgement] and get our sweat on [the hip hop moves you'll learn are an added bonus!]

PROJECT ALIGN: that extra-deep, mind-calming, got-me-ready-for-the-week kinda vibe! 60 warm and amazing minutes dedicated to stretching. a chance to relax + recharge... this is going to be your new 'me time'! 

OH BABY!: a fun class for moms and their babes! barre while baby-wearing? your legs will thank you later! [please bring a carrier with you if you'd like to baby wear, and any other items you need to be comfortable during class]. watch our social media for the next 6-week session!

THE BOXING PROJECT:  it's the perfect blend of cardio and strength and will kick your butt [in that nice feel-good kinda way!]. you'll recognize some of the positions from our barre classes, and will LOVE the pilates and boxing additions. we amps up the cardio but is still keep it low/no impact. and as always, no experience is necessary.

PROJECT ELITE: COMING 2018!  [requires attendance in a minimum of 20 project barre classes]

PRIVATE BARRE CLASS FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS? yes please! it's the perfect bachelorette party, corporate lunch, group event, and birthday gathering. to schedule your private class, reach out to Sasha at