[ the new clients ]

NEW TO THE BARRE? don’t worry. the greats weren't great until the were great either! come say hi and try it out! your first class is always on the house. 

DO I NEED EXPERIENCE? nope! show up with your smile and let us take care of the rest!

WHAT IS BARRE? barre is a full body workout that helps target the areas of the body we all want to strengthen. you’ll hear your instructor tell you to take the move "down an inch" and we mean just that!  project barre’s method involves a fusion of ballet, yoga and pilates and the focus is on teeny tiny one-inch isometric movements. within the first few minutes of class you’ll be feeling that barre burn! our 60-minute classes start with a basic warm up and move on to arm work using light weights (or no weights at all!). we take it to the ballet barre and focus on thighs, hips and seats using our signature moves. the class finishes with a focus on the core and a series of stretches. and don’t worry- no dancing experience or flexibility is required!

IS BARRE SAFE FOR EVERYONE? barre is a low-impact workout and safe for those with previous injuries and during pregnancy. instructors will offer modifications to help you safely practise barre! the project barre method really is the perfect workout, regardless of your age or fitness experience. of course, we always recommend touching base with your doctor if you have any medical concerns.

IS IT OK TO BARRE EVERY DAY? more frequent classes means you'll develop a better body awareness and really get to know our method. you'll get stronger and will be up for a daily barre challenge! it is important to give yourself a day of rest to let your muscles recover. we're big believers in listening to you body, so please take a rest whenever you need it. 

HOW DO I REGISTER FOR A CLASS? our schedule is always live on mindbody, up to 7 days in advance. with your mindbody account you can control your class schedule, purchase passes and view your account info 24/7. 

WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO CLASS? we provide everything you need for an amazing full-body workout! we do suggest bringing your reusable water bottle.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? be prepared to stretch and move! we recommend comfortable workout wear, but nothing too baggy. this allows our instructors to ensure that your alignment is always correct. the workout is done in grip socks so remember to bring some from home or purchase a pair at the studio! 

WHERE DO I PARK? parking is easy + free! find a spot right on broad street, just steps to our front door! note that bus lane hours are in effect from 6:30am-8:30am and 3:30pm-5:30pm. parking is available on 7th avenue during this time!