[ the team ]

[ the team ]

project barre regina


studio owner + barretender + chief cheerleader

her love for all things fitness shine through during class. she'll push you to reach that goal, to lower just one more inch. and then she'll tell you to breathe through it... because your abs are lying to you, they're really not tired yet.

her favourite movie of all time?  without a doubt, elf. it doesn't even matter if it's christmas time. 

project barre regina


barretender + ambassador of buzz

she flashes that sweet smile and it somehow makes your shaking arms grip those weights just little tighter. you can't wash your hair for 3 days afterward, but hey. and yes, you are expected to finish the rest of class after the arms sequence.

her theme song?  'the greatest' by sia. i always bring the energy to everything I do, and this song pumps me up and makes me realize that yes, i CAN do this [and it's perfect before a barre class!].

project barre regina


barretender + resident gangster

our resident ballerina! her plies are second to none and she'll leave you feeling a little more graceful after just 60 minutes [minus the whole shaking jello legs thing]. 

her dream vacation? Bora Bora or Greece. that whole laid back beautiful beach vibe just gets me!


project barre regina


barretender + method trainer + digital storyteller

the sunshine just follows this girl around! her amazing attitude, love for dance and unstoppable smile make for one hella good class! trust us, you won't even notice how much your legs are shaking during that plie.

her first barre class? in Sasha's basement after i answered her online ad [i'm completely serious]. it was amazing and i was hooked!

project barre regina


barretender + bringer of sunshine

this girl loves to make you sweat! she's serious about barre, and serious about helping you get to that shake zone . two minutes into class and you realize she has the most infectious smile. just keep pulsing, and she'll keep smiling!

her fave flavour of ice cream? bubble gum, with the actual gum in it. i devour the ice cream and save all the gum drops!                                                                    

project barre regina


yoga instructor + queen of sarcasm

you'll forget what your life was like before you met this girl. she's grounded [like in the yoga and non-yoga way] and a killer instructor! spend your sunday night with her and she'll set you up for the best week ever! 

her first concert? sharon, lois and bram. i was the coolest 3 year old that's ever existed. 

project barre regina


director of first impressions + barretender + VP of misc everything

this girl really has that special somethin' somethin'. she's always looking out for everyone, especially during [her fave!] planks. it's ok if you don't want to make eye contact after class, she won't take it personally.

her deepest secret? i talk to my cat like he's a person. because he actually is. 

project barre fitness regina


director of first impressions + chief troublemaker

she's the magic behind the scenes. she makes your day a little sunnier every time you walk in our front door AND keeps it all together even when the key tag scanner isn't working. talk about a super power!

the one topping she adds to pizzas despite complaints? pineapple. every single time. and i'm not sorry. 

project Barre fitness regina


barretender + new kid on the scene

she's our day one ride or die, and has spent a lot of time on that mat getting project barre strong. she's conquering her instructor training and will be hitting the schedule this spring. one thing we know for sure: she loves finding new ways to make your legs shake, and your heart melt. it's like a one-two punch. 

do her socks always match? i only ever wear black socks. so technically yes. but in the light you can sometimes tell they're actually totally different shades. annoying right? 

project barre fitness regina


piloxing instructor + barretender + studio mom

with years of piloxing experience under her belt, she knows a few ways to make you sweat. she's full of that real good, down-to-earth energy that will leave you a little sweaty, a little sore and a lot happy.

the cheesiest pick-up line she's heard? there's something wrong with my phone, your number isn't in it.  [groan!!]