What to wear: Worried about the dress code?

We’re pretty easy going. Leggings and your fav tank or t-shirt will be just fine! We’re not stressed about being camera ready... so let your hair down and don’t worry about your grippy socks matching.

Grip socks: Safe & sticky!

Grip socks are required in all classes. They help keep the studio clean, they prevent slips, and help you hold those challenging barre poses! We carry a large selection at the studio available for purchase if you don’t already have your own.

What to bring: We’ve got you covered!

We recommend bringing a reusable water bottle to class. Yup, that’s it. Because we’ve got everything else covered for you babe! We have secure lockers, a fully stocked locker room, chilled + triple filtered water, and every fitness prop you need to rock your class. Find something you need but we don’t have available? Let us know!

Arrive early: We want to see your smiling face!

Project Barre classes are designed to flow from warming you up, to that sculpt, to that sizzle, and then to that ah-ma-zing final stretch. Please plan to arrive for your class 5-10 minutes early [or sooner if you’re new!] and stay until the end of class. If ever there's a special circumstance, please give the studio a call or chat with your instructor.

Booking: Plan ahead!

Our schedule opens up 14 days from today. So, you can book in advance to secure your spot and can cancel if you need (see ‘Cancelling’). We often have last-minute spots available in classes as well. If you like to live on the edge and just jump into class have a peek at our schedule to see what spots have opened up in classes today! 

Cancelling: Let us know if you can’t make it.

Please remember that we always ask for 4 hours' notice if you can't make it to class. This gives single clients on the waitlist, or a group of new babes, the chance to snag open spots. Please note that cancelling your class can be done using your MindBody account. Last minute class cancellations cannot be accepted over the phone, email or social media message.

Late cancels or no shows will result in a $10 late charge or the loss of a class credit (for those on punch passes). Trust us, this is our LEAST favourite thing to do, but we do everything we can to make sure we have room at the barre for everyone.

Waitlist feature: Waitlist to get in!

Our classes can be busy, but please don't be afraid of the waitlist. We cap our classes at 18 participants (because there's nothing worse than a barre class in a crowded room!) and we use the waitlist system to make a spot at the barre for as many babes as possible. As spots open up in the class, you will be moved from the waitlist into the class. [psst.. let us know if you’d prefer text or email notifications]. Remember, you can be added into the class at any time (up to ONE hour prior to class start time, so have your barre socks packed!).

The waitlist moves the quickest the day of the class. You can remove yourself from a waitlist at anytime, but once you’ve been bumped into the class our normal cancellation policy applies. Wondering where you are on the list? You can watch your position on the waitlist through your MindBody account. We always say, if you join a waitlist assume you're going to class!

Need help: Keep us in the loop.

We're here to help. If you're pregnant or dealing with an injury, please let us know. Something doesn't feel right during class? Ditto. Let us know what you're thinking. We work hard to make your Project Barre experience an incredible one.