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We barre like no one else. The Project Barre method combines the best of ballet, pilates and yoga to sculpt + lengthen every area of that body with grace. You’ll hear your instructor tell you to take the move "down an inch" and we mean just that! We focus on teeny tiny one-inch movements to sculpt the muscle, and then add in those full extensions to elongate and amp up that heart rate! We promise no repeat sequences, or missed steps as you try to keep up in a jam-packed room. The Project Barre method is low-impact and safe for those with previous injuries and even during pregnancy. Instructors will offer modifications to help you safely practise, and we encourage you to chat with your instructor before or after class anytime something isn’t feeling right. 

Our focus is always on the quality of movement. We strategically plan our classes so that no two are ever the same. Week after week you show up to fresh classes and the sculpt never gets old. The Project Barre method really is the perfect workout, regardless of your age or fitness experience. And don’t worry - no dancing experience or flexibility is required!

Our style of course varies from class to class, but there’s a few things you can expect from us every single time:

  • classes are set to some serious tunes, and it’s when you're deep in that plié that the beat drops and it powers you to finish that final 8 count hold with every ounce of fierce.

  • we supply mats and the props needed for every class.

  • we plié for you, babe. Classes are always instructor led and our biggest goal is to make you smile every time. It’s not about us, it’s always about you!

  • we’ll never compromise on your safety. Class sizes are always kept small to ensure that you’re comfortable and that we can actually keep an eye on your alignment. 

  • not sure if you’re nailing a move? Come early… we’re always here to chat before class.